• How can agents leverage knowledge to help customers?

    You can use our Knowledge Capture app to leverage your team’s collective knowledge.

    Using the app, agents can:

    • Search the Help Center without leaving the ticket
    • Insert links to relevant Help Center articles in ticket comments
    • Add inline feedback to existing articles that need updates
    • Create new articles while answering tickets using a pre-defined template

    Agents never have to leave the ticket interface to share, flag, or create knowledge, so they can help the customer, while also improving your self-service offerings for other customers.

    To get started, see our Knowledge Capture documentation.

    And before your agents can start creating new knowledge directly from tickets, you’ll need to create a template for them to use. To help you along, we’ve provided some template ideas below. You can copy and paste any sample template below into a new article, add the KCTemplate label to the article, and you’ll be all set.

    Q&A template:



    write the question here.


    write the answer here.

    Solution template:



    write the symptoms here.


    write the resolution here.


    write the cause here.

    How-to template:



    write the purpose or task here.


    write the steps here.

  • How do I publish my content in other languages?

    If you have configured your Help Center to support multiple languages, you can publish content in your supported languages.

    Here's the workflow for localizing your Help Center content into other languages:

    1. Get your content translated in the other languages.
    2. Configure the Help Center to support all your languages.
    3. Add the translated content to the Help Center.

    For complete instructions, see Localizing the Help Center.

  • How do I customize my Help Center?

    You can modify the look and feel of your Help Center by changing colors and fonts. See Branding your Help Center to learn how.

    You can also change the design of your Help Center. If you're comfortable working with page code, you can dig in to the site's HTML, CSS, and Javascript to customize your theme. To get started, see Customizing the Help Center.

  • What are these sections and articles doing here?

    This FAQ is a section in the General category of your help center knowledge base. We created this category and a few common sections to help you get started with your Help Center.

    The knowledge base in the Help Center consists of three main page types: category pages, section pages, and articles. Here's the structure:

    Comments are part of the articles. The articles pages are part of Sections page. The Sections pages are part of the Category pages.

    You can create your own categories, sections, and articles and modify or completely delete ours. See the Organizing knowledge base content and Creating articles in the Help Center to learn how.